This isn’t necessarily directly related to living in France, but my love for tea has recently been blossoming. While my friend Hannah was visiting me, we stumbled upon a lovely little tea shop in Paris (with delicious and large samples!) called Lov Organic and I vowed to return there for some loose tea and a filter for steeping said tea. On Saturday, my dear friend Dana and I celebrated part of her 21st birthday at that shop purchasing adorable tea and tea pots with filters. They make us very happy.

lov teaBefore the tea shop, Dana and I began her birthday with brunch at a great cafe called Tuck Shop. We love brunch, and the perfect and fresh food they serve here. Pictured below: madame croquette (pastry thing with avocado, egg, and brie) and greenery, china breakfast tea with milk, pineapple and mint frappé, and carrot cake. Perfect.

tuck shop: beginning of brunch

tuck shop: mid-brunch

tuck shop: carrot cakeOn our way from brunch to the tea shop we stumbled upon a couple old arches! As I found out later, the first is called Porte St-Denis and the second is called Porte St-Martin. They were both built in 1674 to commemorate some of Louis XIV’s military victories.

arch two

arch oneSaturday evening, Dana’s birthday dinner involved friends and crepes at a great crepe restaurant in Versailles.

dana's birthday dinnerJumping backwards in time… Dana and I now get together Tuesday evenings for fellowship and Bible reading and good food making. It’s one of the best times of the week. This past Tuesday was risotto and Hebrews chapter 2 :)

risotto and hebrewsAlso, my apartment is finally readying itself for winter.

snowflakesAs for school-related activities, Tess and I spent a few grueling days finishing up our library design project last week, but it is now all turned in! Phew!


3 thoughts on “tea

  1. Amy – What a great blog….especially picture of food and Hebrews. Food for the body and food for the soul!!
    Have a great time with your family. Christmas in Paris — sounds pretty exotic!!
    God bless. Praying for you.
    Grandpa……and Grandma too

  2. (Actually Katie Grace) Adorable was the word I was going to use for the windows! You are the coolest person I know. Also, did you find yourself a loose tea globe yet?! I will ask when you get back from the money changer…

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